Comprehensive Understanding

This principle ensures that we connect participants to the world’s current challenges in a comprehensive and holistic way, and that we create a heartfelt sense of responsibility and empowerment by connecting them to places where the need is apparent and to the people who successfully work to solve them.

Informing our participants about humanity’s challenges in a comprehensive and holistic way is at the core of YIP’s purpose. An understanding of the intricate connection between these challenges, crossing scale and categories, is a necessary step on the way to informed action.
YIP assumes that its participants enter the program with an intuitive grasp on systemic and comprehensive thinking, but have not yet developed it as a default way of perceiving global challenges.
Going beyond mere comprehensive understanding, YIP awakens and supports a heartfelt sense of responsibility toward the topics addressed, and the state of the world as a whole.

How we do it
YIP inspires a comprehensive understanding of humanity’s global crisis to local challenges by starting with content, and clarifying with frameworks. Though participants focus on different global crisis at different times, they are always lead to understand the context of this challenge as well. Contributors who operate from a holistic perspective, and work to solve them systemically, are invited to come and teach about their field of expertise.
This focus on content is then complemented with courses focusing on frameworks, which help clarify how different challenges are linked, and allow participants to practice and apply their holistic thinking to any content they are exposed to.
To awaken a heartfelt sense of responsibility, YIP puts its participants in immediate, real-life contact with people experiencing one or more of the topics directly addressed. Through experiencing the impact of global crisis on nature, places and people, an embodied understanding and desire to act is supported.