Community and Diversity

This principle ensures that participants learn to live and work together, despite their different socio- economic and cultural backgrounds. It teaches them to collaborate with whomever they work with, and bring out the strengths and talents of their peers.

Why it’s a principle
In today’s hyperlinked society, our ability for co-existence is more important than ever. Simply said, YIP strengthens the capacity in people from different socio-economic backgrounds to live and work together. The lack of understanding between two people may create disharmony in a community or cause the failure of a project, but the lack of collaboration on a international level stands in the way of tackling issues that need global policy and global action.
As we aspire to educate individuals to generate positive change, one of the most strategic principles must be to help them overcome prejudice towards and ignorance of others, and rather realize and support the natural talent in everyone they collaborate with.

How we do it:
By having the participant group work, study and live together virtually all the time, challenges and conflicts within the social fabric are unavoidable. YIP does not try to avoid these, but rather sees them as opportunities to practice interpersonal skills and collaboration. The Organising Team attempts to facilitate the participant group through these social processes consciously, knowing well that there is no ‘end’ to this type of learning. Attracting a diverse participant group is not only about attracting people from different nations. Diversity is as much about different values, different social backgrounds, different economic backgrounds, different skill-sets, different interests, and different age.