Educare – To Bring Out That Which Is Within

We live in a unique period in history: just at the point when the human species has created very serious challenges to the future of humanity, the same humanity has uncovered very powerful cognitive frameworks and practical approaches that have the power to move humanity to a new, more profound level of evolution. Most young people coming to YIP are aware of the magnitude of these challenges and are seeking ways to address them.

Acknowledging the challenge presented by these issues, the culture of YIP is one of questioning complexity, rather than seeking simple ‘quick-fix’ answers to dynamic challenges. YIP provides a space that allows its participants to stay with their questions, however uncertain and uncomfortable that it may be. Instead of mandating obscure or irrelevant educational requirements, YIP challenges its participants to explore deeply those questions that interlink the human being to the greater whole. The organizers of the program, as hosts and facilitators, stand with and support the participants in making sense of what they are facing and seek to help them craft their questions into a personal response and initiative.